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GP Strategies’ Virtual Events Platform (VEP) is a powerful web-based platform that eliminates the demanding costs and logistics of planning global meetings and hosts customized virtual events at a fraction of the cost. This innovative option to traditional meeting and conference scenarios takes today’s online experiences to the next level without compromising on quality and content. The result is a comprehensive, powerful, interactive event your guests can access anytime, anywhere.

VEP’s technology allows your teams to quickly, easily, and intuitively set up customized, branded virtual events. Much like traditional conferences, expert speakers can deliver moderated presentations in high-quality full screen and/or embedded streaming videos using a universal video player which can play on Silverlight, Flash, and on iOS, but with VEP, attendees from various countries can attend on their own terms. From instructional sessions to sponsor booths, it mimics a traditional conference but with the added benefits of allowing you to:

  • Set up virtual events easily and quickly via an intuitive, web-based platform.
  • Enable variable levels of access to conference components, customizing the experience for different attendee groups.
  • Capture statistics regarding registration, attendance, resource access, and marketing effectiveness.
  • Eliminate travel, hotel, and meeting space costs with an executive quality solution.
  • Save valuable time and productivity by allowing guests to attend virtually and at their own convenience.
  • Enable multi-tiered sponsor booths that highlight products and services, and even offer downloadable freebies and promotional drawings to visitors.
  • Foster networking in community-based chat rooms modeled after social media best practices.

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